Equality Pays - Business Tools


Ever wondered what tools you need to run your own business? Want to know what my go-to tools are?

Well, here they are.

*Please note, that I am an affiliate for some of these (because I use them and think they are great), so I may recieve commission if you purchase any using these links.


E-mail newsletter


Mailer lite is a very easy to use e-mail newsletter software tool. I’ve tried pretty much all the big names and this one is the best and simplest to use. If you want a simple yet effective way to send e-mail newsletters to your clients, then I recommend this every time. It has free and paid packages. Try out mailerlite here.


Smarter Queue – Social Media Scheduler

This is by far my favourite tool. I love the fact that I can build up a library of contect for different platforms, segment them into categories and I don’t have to go in and schedule new things every week/month. It has literally saved me hundreds of hours (wish I had discovered it sooner) and  has enabled me to be much more visible on the platforms that work for me. Try it out here.


Business and money mindset

Running a business is not for the faint hearted. It’s said that starting a business is the biggest self-development exercise you will ever do. I cannot under-estimate how true that is! It has been so confronting on many levels, especially around money.

Being part of the Lucky Bitch Bootcamp by Denise Duffield-Thomas has helped me to confront and analyse head on my issues around making money in my business and has been invaluable in helping me make progress in my business. The self-study Bootcamp is packed full of excercises and resources and the private facebook community is one of the best things out there on the internet.

As well as the bootcamp, Denise has a number of free workshops and audio training on different aspects relating to money mindset. I personally really struggled with issues around pricing my services correctly and found that this free workshop really helped me. You can access it here.