Debt Busting Session

“60 minute debt review and goal setting session for women who are ready to break up with their debt and take control of their finances.”



Paying off your debt is simple, but not necessarily easy. Which is why so many of us fail to do it and keep the debt off. If it was easy, then more of us would have already paid our debt off. The missing components for successfully and quickly repaying debt are three things:
1. Mindset
2. Action
3. Accountability

My debt busters sessions focuses on ensuring these 3 things form the foundation of any debt repayment goals I create for my clients. I spent over 18 months trying to figure out how I was going to pay off my debt without living a life of misery. I can tell you, that I made no headway in that time because I did not have the 3 foundation pieces in place necessary to make any progress that lasted.

So, why should you invest time and money with someone who doesn’t know you, to get you paying your debt off?

  • Having an objective person to look at your finances will make you see where you are ‘leaking’ money each month
  • Having accountability will increase your chances of sticking to your plan and make real progress
  • It lessens the emotional burden, by having a trusted friend to keep your spirits up when things get hard
  • Working on your mindset issues around your debt and current financial situation will increase your ability to make more money to pay off your debt faster

The journey of paying off your debt will be unique but there are a few universal truths that applies to everyone.

Accountability and support is key. We need someone to hold our hand, cheer us on, celebrate the small wins, and keep us accountable for our goals. 

When I’ve spoken to women who are struggling to pay off their debt, the thing that keeps them stuck the most is the loneliness of the task. I’ve listened to countless podcasts on women and money and one of the success factors that comes up repeatedly is this. Having a community or accountability partner to keep your spirits high and on your plan on track.

What will you gain?

By working with me in 60 minutes we will uncover:

  • The true financial picture of your income and outgoings
  • Where your money leaks are and how to plug them
  • The budget plan that works for you (there are several so we will work to find the right one)
  • Your current debt freedom debt and your new and improved debt freedom date
  • A plan on how to upgrade your money mindset around your debt that will set you emotionally free from the guilt and shame feelings
  • The rewards systems that helps you to feel good while paying off your debt faster


So, why should you trust me with your money secrets?

Good question! Well I’m Michelle Gyimah and I am a woman who had racked up £21,000 worth of credit card debt (over 3 cards) in less than 3 years, despite having a well paid job! So, I am a woman who has had to face up to her money demons. Big time. As a mother, side hustle entrepeneur and full time employee I have had my fair share of nerve-wracking conversations and decision making moments around money and debt. I’ve endless sleepless nights over it, many heated arguments with my fella about it, taken a low paying job to pay the bills, temporarily given up my dream of being self-employed and lost a of weight due to mentally beating myself up over my life choices.

BUT it’s not all doom and gloom though as I’ve paid over £7,000 off and am on course to be debt free by April 2018. Which feels SO GOOD to be able to say. Along the way I’ve learnt (through trial and error), just what it takes to finally release debt both emotionally and physically and how to get comfortable around money. I’m no longer scared of making money decisions and I’m much more aware of my emotions behind my money decisions too. And I want the same for you.

My debt free journey is not done, but I am pasionate about sharing my tips, experiences and knowledge with other women like you who are ready to release their debt. My mission is to empower women to take control of their finances and ultimately change their life choices for good. Just like I’m doing.

How does it all work?

If you are ready to create a new life without debt then we have got to talk! My debt buster session is £99 for 60 minutes where we will create your plan for a debt free life. So, how do you do this?

  1. Pick a time in my diary to have your 60 minute session
  2. Make your payment and complete the questionnaire and excel spreadsheet
  3. Download Zoom, so that we can have your 60 minute session
  4. I will send you a recording of the session and a summary of your plan

It could not be simpler!

Whether you hire a coach like me, or you call a friend and force them to hold you accountable, you have got to take action and get some accountability!  Don’t put this off any longer. For those of you that are scared, this is why I’m here. Invest the time and money now and your future debt free self will thank you.

I promise you.


I’m ready to be debt free!