Reclaim your debt denial

It’s time to stop procrastinating about your debt. There I’ve said it procrastinating.

I know that you do it, because I did it. For 5 years. I was the master at it. But now, my debt denial doesn’t master me. And I want the same for you.

I understand that it can seem impossible and too hard. But this is all about taking those baby steps. Baby consistent steps.

For just £20 this audio course we will take you to the foundations of your new debt freedom date. Not the debt freedom date that is over 5 years away that the credit card/loan companies give you. But the one that you set yourself. It is entirely possible for you to do and you can do it in less than 60 minutes.

You ready? Your new debt freedom date is calling you.

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Holding up your debt mirror

Did you know that your current debt can tell you a lot about not only your spending habits, but the root causes of your spending habits?

When deciding to tackle our debt, many of us do not do the ‘inner work’ of identifying the root causes of our debt (the practical aspect) or the symptoms of bigger money/low self-esteem issues in our lives (the emotional aspect.)

Our spending habits are driven by our emotions and carrying debt is a symptom of too much negative emotion around money. If we fail to address these, we leave oursleves open to repeating the same mistakes on repeat.

Paying your debt off is hard enough, but by addressing the root causes of your money issues will make it twice as likely that you will keep the debt off.

You can do this today for just £67

Ready to delve deeper and shine a light on those ‘debt blocks?’

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