Debt Busters Club

A club for women who want to take action to clear their debt and take control of their finances



The average total debt per household in the UK in July 2017 – including mortgages – was £57,349. For many people having some form of consumer debt is a way of life. But it’s a way of life that causes us stress in our relationships, health and well-being. Arguments about money between couples is one of the leading causes of relationship stress. Many of us want to pay off our debt, but find it hard to know where to start or how to keep going once we do start. 

My group programme ‘Debt Busters Club’ is a safe space for you to find out how you can pay off your debt and stay focused on your goal when the going gets tough. Have you ever noticed that whenever you decide to take action on a specific task, ‘something’ comes along to de-rail you? This has happened to me countless times when trying to pay off my debt and I’m sure that it has happened to you too. The trick to keeping on your focused goal of debt freedom is to have contingencies in place, know how to respond to these ‘bumps in the road’ and have an accountability buddy/group. This is where the Debt Busters Club comes into play.

So, why should you invest time and money on this group programe when you can go it alone for free?

Well, I’ve been where you are. Spending endless nights awake worrying about how you’ll pay your bills, panicking everytime another plain white envelope hits your doormat and stressing everytime your partner or child asks for something because you know you have to say no, but feel guilty and ashmed about having so much debt.

Trust me, it’s not a good mental space to be in. And to top it all off, the shame of having this debt keeps you quiet so you don’t confide in anyone. Which is the worst thing to do, as so many people struggle with debt and sharing your thoughts and feelings with others can help to relieve some of the pressure you are under.

I am in a much better space now, I’m on track to be debt free by April 2018 (at the latest) and I’ve learnt so much about how I could have paid off more money quicker. For me the key is having a community of other people with you supporting you and holding you accountable to your dream of being debt free. This is the primary purpose of the Debt Busters Club.

  • Having private group accountability will increase your chances of sticking to your plan and make real progress
  • Being in a group will lessen the emotional burden and help you release the shame of having debt
  • Having tools and resources to work on your mindset issues around your debt and current financial situation will increase your ability to make more money to pay off your debt quickly and easily.

I firmly believe that if I had this type of support when I was struggling to keep my head above water I would have been able to get clear on what steps I needed to take and I wouldn’t have stayed stuck in limbo for almost 2 years. I don’t want this for you. I want you to get the support that you need to get your life back on track.

Silence is the cousin of shame. When we stay silent about our debt we allow that shame to grow, consume us and become us. This group is all about releasing that shame and taking action together.

I know both from experience and from talking to other women about their debt, that the thing that keeps them stuck the most is the loneliness of the task. I’ve listened to many podcasts on women and money and for those that have successfully paid off their debt, regular conversations with an accountability buddy/group is the key thing that spurred them to keep going.

What this group programme is not

This group programme will not help you pay off your debt in 6 weeks. For many people it will take years to clear their debt. This group programme will however give you the practical and mindset tools to help you do it quicker. And you’ll be able to so it with support that will make the journey quicker and easier than going it alone.

What will you gain from this group?

By investing in this group you will gain:

  • An accurate financial picture of your income and outgoings and a plan to plug your money leaks
  • The budget plan that works for you (there are several so we will work to find the right one)
  • Your current debt freedom debt and your new and improved debt freedom date
  • Tools to upgrade your mindset around your feelings about your debt
  • Resources to manage those inevitable ‘bumps in the road’
  • Tools to deal with resistance from yourself, friends and family

So, why should you trust me to help you pay off your debt?

Good question! Well I’m Michelle Gyimah and I am a woman who had racked up £21,000 worth of credit card debt (over 3 credit cards) in less than 3 years, despite having a well paid job! So, I am a woman who has had to face up to her money demons. Big time. As a mother, side hustle entrepeneur and full time employee I have had my fair share of nerve-wracking conversations and decision making moments around money and debt. I’ve had endless sleepless nights over it, many heated arguments with my fella about it, taken a low paying job just to pay the bills, temporarily given up my dream of being self-employed and lost a lot of weight due to mentally beating myself up over my poor financial choices.

BUT it’s not all doom and gloom though as I’ve paid over £7,000 off and am on course to be debt free by May 2018. Which feels SO GOOD to be able to say. Along the way I’ve learnt (through trial and error), just what it takes to finally release debt both emotionally and practically and how to get comfortable around money. I’m no longer scared of making money decisions and I’m much more aware of my emotions behind my money decisions too. And I want the same for you.

My debt free journey is not done, but I am passionate about sharing my tips, experiences and knowledge with other women like you who are ready to release their debt. My mission is to empower women to take control of their finances and ultimately change their life choices for good. Just like I’m doing.

How does it all work?

The group programme runs from 9th January 2018 – 13th  February 2018 and there are 10 spots available. It is a small group as I want to be able to support you all as much as possible during the 6 weeks. The investment for this group is an introductory price of £297. Please note that when I run this group again in April 2018 it will be £347, so don’t hesistate to get it at this great price!

For everyone who joins this group you will get:

  • 6 weekly accountability calls (all these will be recorded so you’ll never miss one)
  • Access to a private Facebook/Slack group where we can talk freely about your debt journey and lessons learned
  • Worksheets and workbooks to help document your journey

And these bonuses:

  • A private 1-2-1 call with me to review your budget and create a new debt freedom date (value £99)
  • Live interview recording with a debt/money expert
  • Lifetime access to the Facebook group/Slack group and any programme upgrades
  • A free welcome present
  • Free access to my paid programmes on Teachable


This is an investment not to be missed!


What others say about me:

“I just love what you’re doing here and do believe I can do this work. You make it less scary” NC, New Jersey


Just completed the 7-day debt free challenge with Michelle. It’s really changed the way I view my spending patterns and money management. I’ve always felt that having a handle over my money was beyond me, but this challenge and her support has helped me feel in control over how much I spend and how I look at financial control. I’m really glad I took the challenge. It’s really motivated me to keep working on my mantras and my language when it comes to money. Tasneem Perry, Authentic You

I know that deciding to take action to actually clear your debt can be scary. But if you can break it down into a series of smaller goals, take consistent steps and have an accountability circle around you, then you are more likely to successfully clear your debt.

Money Back Guarantee

I want you to be happy and feel confident about working with me and signing up for the Debt Buster Club. If you are not happy with the club I will give you your money back within the first 14 days. I’m confident that you will get a lot out of it, but if you don’t then you are free to get a refund within the 14 days of the group starting.

Ready to enrol?

There are only 10 spots this side of 2017 and the price will increase in the next round in April 2018 so don’t wait too long! Your investment for the Debt Buster Club is only £297. To secure your spot today, simply click on the button below, make your payment and you will receive an e-mail within 24 hours with instructions of what will happen next prior to the club start date of 9th January 2018. The bonuses will be released after the money back guarantee date has past.


Book my spot in the Debt Busters Club



Want to know more about me? Why not join my growing Facebook Group Money Revolution Circle where women can talk about money and debt in a no-shame and no judgement atmosphere. I’d love to see you there and support you on your debt free, more money journey.