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Adressing your ‘money stuff’ is ongoing work.

I know this, because I’m still working through all my money stuff and to be honest always will be. That’s just the way it is.

Five years ago, I’d never heard of money mindest or money blocks, but that was because back then I was just a regular employee going to work, paying bills on repeat. I had credit card debt, but I was earning a good wage so never paid it off. I guess for me it was all changed when I got pregnant. Suddenly I looked around at my big but undecorated Victorian house and realised that now was the time to get it decorated. I’m talking getting a new staricase in, new floorboards fitted, walls plastered, tiles in the hallway -all the big stuff. Because I knew that once the baby was born, there was no way we’d be able to do that stuff.

But here’s the problem. Despite my good wage, I had no savings. So I took out a low interest loan on my credit card. Fully intending to pay it back asap. Except, as you can guess I didn’t. I buried my head in the sand about money. In my house I’m in charge of it, yet I still wouldn’t ‘own up’ to the conversations that we needed to have.

Fast forward five years later, my son is going to school in September (eek!), the debt has accumulated, I started a business (more on that later), I had to go back to work in a low paying job, (oh the financial stress!) then I went back to my old employer and now I’m coaching women on their money mindset.

During those five years, I’ve learnt so much about my fears, feelings, stories and attitude towards money and it has illuminated why and how I spend my money. The stuff that I’ve uncovered is deep and sometimes brutal but always necessary. As a result I’m well on my way to be debt free and and growing in my confidence in talking about money and handling it better.

But here’s the thing. During those five years, I’ve hit rock bottom and wondered if I was the only one to feel so helpless around money. I’ve met countless women who have been uncovering their own money blocks and now I want to share what I’ve learnt (and am still learning) with you.

With all the talk around the BBC gender pay gaps and gender pay gap reporting, the issue of women and money is going to be public news again. Now is the time for us as women to uncover our blocks and get comfortable with asking for and receiving the money we deserve. Whether that is in work, at home or in your business.

This is your time. Don’t put off this work any longer. You’re future self won’t thank you for it.

There’s so much great content in this group – my only regret is not finding the time to engage with it all. Hence me having a splurge through a few posts at a time once a week. This group is helping me simply through knowing that other people are also trying to be better with money. I love hearing other people’s tales of how they handle money – the bad times as well as the good. In fact, particularly the bad times because you are completely right that money is still very much a taboo subject. So I think what I would like from this group is for everyone to keep sharing – and I will do the same too.

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