Debt Freedom

Empowering women to get rid of their debt for good.


Are you a woman with debt? Credit cards, store cards or loans?

Do you have bad money habits i.e. overspending or increasing your debt?

Are you constantly worrying about how you’ll pay your bills? Is the stress and anxiety keeping you awake at night and affecting your moods?

Is the stress of your debt a secret you’re keeping from your friends, family or even your partner?

Do you regularly feel guilty or ashamed of your debt?


If you answered yes to any of them, you are not alone. At some point in my life I’ve said yes to all of the above questions.

Managing your money is one the biggest responsibilities that you will ever have. Yet how many of us actually take the time to learn how to do this? Not many. As a result, you find ourselves deep in old money habits that we’ve picked up along the way, not all of them necessarily good. Here are some examples of how bad money habits have become the norm for so many of us:

  • Average UK household debt is now £13,000 (excluding student debt)

  • Student debt today is on average £50,800

  • £1.87bn The amount spent every day on debt and credit cards in September 2017


Would you like to get closer to your debt freedom date?

If so I can:

• Help you identify your current debt patterns

• Identify the root causes of why you feel uncomfortable talking about/handling money that has caused your current financial situation

• Help you create new money habits that will positively impact your life and get paying your debt off faster

• Help you reframe your emotions around your debt and your view of yourself

Why work with me?

I’m Michelle Gyimah, a Debt Freedom Coach who has for the past 5 years been on a personal (and sometimes painful!) exploratory journey around women money and debt. In that time, I’ve left a very secure (and well paid) job, had a baby, started a business, worked in a job way beneath my skillset and faced up to my personal debt and changed my business direction completely.

So many people struggling with the mental pressure of their debt, yet don’t seek help. I was that person for two years until I decided enough was enough. I no longer wanted my shame to keep me stuck so I got working on my mindset. That was a game changer for me so I know it can work for you too.

Let me help you reframe your feelings towards your debt and create a plan to get closer to your debt freedom date.

We can start here or join my private Facebook group to start talking Money Revolution Circle


What others say about me

“Just completed the 7-day debt free challenge with Michelle. It’s really changed the way I view my spending patterns and money management. I’ve always felt that having a handle over my money was beyond me, but this challenge and her support has helped me feel in control over how much I spend and how I look at financial control. I’m really glad I took the challenge. It’s really motivated me to keep working on my mantras and my language when it comes to money.”

 Tasneem Perry, Transformational Coach, Authentic You


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