Money Empowerment

Empowering women to control their money with intent.


 How do you feel about money?

Do you control your money or does it control you?

Is managing your money always on your to do list, but you never ‘get round’ to it?

 If you answered yes to any of those questions, then you are not alone!

Managing your money is one the biggest responsibilities that you will ever have. Yet how many of us actually take the time to learn how to do this? Not many. As a result, you find ourselves deep in old money habits that we’ve picked up along the way, not all of them necessarily good. Here are some examples of bad money habits:


  • Average UK household debt is now £13,000 (excluding student debt)

  • Student debt today is on average £50,800

  • Male run companies get 16 times more funding than female run companies

  • The UK gender pay gap is just over 18%, with large gaps in tech, financial services and other male dominated industries

Can you the pattern here? When it comes to money women seem to always draw the short straw.

So why is this a problem for you?

You may be a woman who earns a great salary. Or you could be a recent graudate starting out. Or an entrepeneur running your own business. Or you may be in the middle of you career. Wherever you are, you are bound to have money stories that you’ve carried around with you that dictate how you treat and use your money.

Do any of these seem familiar?

  • You spend money on your close friends and family before yourself

  • You ignore the credit card debt that keeps getting bigger and bigger

  • You talk yourself out of going for that promotion due to fear

  • You never negotiate your salary and or/accept the measly 2% pay rise offered at appraisal time

  • You’re the stay-at-home mum who feel guilty asking for extra money for yourself

  • You find it easier to bail out familiy members form their latest ’emergency’ than to buy something that you need for yourself

  • You always ask your partner for ‘permission’ to invest in your business

These are really common examples of behaviours that show clearly how women define money when it comes to themselves. It’s easier to spend it on others or ignore it all together. These are examples of where we give away our power and allow money either to control us or be controlled by it.

Who am I?

I’m Michelle Gyimah and I’m a Money Empowerment Educator. I’m a mother, business owner and employee so I understand the many ways in which debt, money and negative money stories impacts womens life choices. I help women pay off their debt faster, maintain better control of their money and make better more informed choices around their financial responsibilities whether that is for themselves, their career, business or their families.

Ways to work with me

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What others say about me

“Michelle is passionate and knowledgeable about gender equality issues. She is always meticulous in her preparation, highly organised and calm in a crisis. You feel very safe with the work and projects in her hands! It was a pleasure working with Michelle and I highly recommend Michelle for any future opportunities.”

 Polly Williams, Head of Scientific Engagement at The Royal Society


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