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As a tech gender equality consultancy, our job is to help tech firms see why women don’t respond to their recrutiment campaigns and why tech firms struggle to retain women after a few years.

We can look at the overall picture and delve deep into your business to tease out the reasonsĀ  why you are struggling to attract or retain women in your tech firm.

Our clients come away with the tools they need to finally connect with, understand and have working for them the untapped/under-appreciated talent pool that is out there but that they could not previously access before.

Before bringing us onboard, our clients focused purely on writing new HR policies or trying gender blind apps but this is only a part of the jigsaw puzzle when trying to recruit more women into tech.

HR policies are only as good as the paper they are written on and gender blind apps can only help you go so far as it is your business culture that makes all the difference.

That’s why we don’t just do traditonal consulting where we just come in and and write a report of what you need to change and improve. We’re different because we actually train and teach you how to design bespoke, inclusive workplaces that are profitable without compromising on the quality of technical ability that you attract.

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