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VIP Strategy & Implementation Sessions for tech firms ready to improve gender diversity and experience



Your tech firm is flourishing, but you’ve got the same problem as so many other tech firms. Lack of women coming into and/or staying with you. You know that you can be a great place to work for, but during your growing period, you’ve made some mistakes. And now you are ready to own them and turn it around.

That is why for the select few of you that are ready to commit and do the work, I offer limited spots on my VIP Strategy and Implementation Sessions. One day. Focused on you and your firm. Mapping out your strategy for the next 12 months.

Your situation is not an uncommon one. You started off small, had a great idea. That idea took off, your team grew and you’ve made great financial strides.

But, your HR processes were reactive rather than proactive, your business culture grew organically rather than by design. Bad habits were picked up along the way and these were never kept in check. Time and money is spent on fire-fighting problems around discrimination. Everyday has turned into a battle.  Behaviours that shouldn’t have been tolerated were allowed to go unchecked. And as a result you are now in a situation where you have very few women working for you. And a high turnover rate.

You’re not alone in this. But you now have the chance to step up and show your industry that you’re ready to make a change.

A VIP Strategy & Implementation Session with me will help you turn your business situation around. I’ve over 10 years’ experience of working with firms like yours, with problems like yours. I’m confident that in one session we can develop a plan to radically transform your business in the next 12 months.

These VIP Days take place in either Manchester or London at an external venue away from your office. I find that this helps you to relax more but also focus more without the usual distractions of day to day office life!


How it all works

Pre- VIP Day:

  • An in-depth business assessment questionnaire to see exactly where your business is now and what your key problem areas are
  • 45 minute pre – VIP Day Call to discuss and clarify the results of the assessment and key points we will be focusing on
  • Confirmation of who will present (2-6 people from your firm)
  • Itenary for the VIP DAY (based on the assessment and our pre-VIP day call)
  • Information of times, location and travel arrangements for our VIP Day
  • Equality Pays Consultancy Pack

During the VIP Day

  • Breakfast, lunch and refreshments will be provided for by Equality Pays
  • An entire day focused on the results of your business audit and developing your strategy plan (8am-4pm)
  • The morning will be focused on teasing out the main problems raised in the assessment. We’ll spend this time brainstorming and capturing key problem areas and actions for the team to take forward.
  • After lunch we’ll spend the afternoon developing the strategy and implementation plan based on the morning session.
  • By the end of the session we’ll have a rock solid, actionable plan including
    resources and actual project steps you need of your next steps over the coming 12 months
  • The day will be complete by 4pm

Post VIP Day

  • Written summary of key actions, project plan and next steps
  • MP3 recording of the day for your records
  • 90 day follow up e-mail and phone access with Equality Pays and the team
  • Optional upgrade to have Equality Pays on retainer for 12 month implementation


How do I find out more?

As you can see, this is an intensive day that requires commitment from both me and you, so this package is not for everyone.

Due to the intensity of the VIP Day, you can only buy this programme through application only. This is to ensure that we are a good fit and are both clear on what the day entails and what will be expected of both of us.

Please note I only offer 2 of these per month and places are highly sought after and fill up in advance so book in to secure your date.


What people say about me

Michelle is passionate and knowledgeable about gender equality issues. She is always meticulous in her preparation, highly organised and calm in a crisis. You feel very safe with the work and projects in her hands! It was a pleasure working with Michelle and I highly recommend Michelle for any future opportunities.

Polly Williams, Head of Scientific Programmes, Royal Society


Michelle has a passion for gender equality issues and is a highly conscientious and knowledgeable individual. She is an asset to any organisation that uses her services and I would highly recommend her. I look forward to working with her again in the future.

Juliet Maynard, Project Manager at University of Bradford


How do I apply?

The application process is the only way to be considered for a VIP Day. It’s an essential part of the day as it helps us both to see if we are a good fit.

Your total investment for the VIP Strategy & Implementation Session is £4,000 Manchester/£5,500 London.*

Payments can be made in full or two instalments, but will need to be paid in full 72 hours before our VIP Day.


*You are responsible for your own travel expenses

I know that this package is not for everyone. But if you are serious about getting a head start above your competitors in getting your gender diversity issues resolved, then this is the fastest way to get started.

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