Swipe Files


I’ve created swipe files that are full of my best advice, tips and go to resources on the following issues:

  • Closing your gender pay gap
  • How to recruit more diverse talent
  • Managing maternity returners
  • Making flexible working actually work 

If you are an SME tech firm with any of the above business problems it can be easy to get weighed down with indecision and information overload. These swipe files are a quick way to solve the problem of overwhelm and get you taking action.

They are packed full of advice and my go to resources that I use with my private one-to-one clients.

Want to do address your diversity issues yourself without going into panic and overwhelm? Want to get access to the best resources out there for an investment of just £97?

Mind the Gap – Gender Pay Gap Swipe File

Ready to find out how to close your gender pay gap? Here is my swipe file that tells you not only how to measure your gender pay gap, but also implement strategies to close it. Simply click on the link to access it today.

Recruiting more diversely – How to recruit more women into tech swipe file

Ever wondered what the actual steps are to take when improving gender diversity in your firm? Have you been put off by sheer number of articles on what you need to do to make it happen? I’ve compiled a swipe file of my best go to resources on all the aspects of recrutiment, HR processess, retention and career progression that you need to know. Ready to get implementing? Simply click on the image below to get it today.