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Michelle Gyimah is a Gender Equality Consultant with over 10 years’ experience of working on equality issues in the workplace.
She worked for the Equality and Human Rights Commission for 8 years before going freelance in 2014.

There she specialised in writing guidance for employers and delivering training seminars on equal pay and pregnancy and maternity discrimination.

As a freelance Gender Equality Consultant, Michelle now works with technology firms and technology teams to build inclusive business cultures to attract and retain more women in tech.

As millennial employees of today want a better life-work balance, it is up to employers to find innovative ways to attract and retain the best talent that is out there.

Michelle is dedicated to helping tech employers figure out how they can proactively design business cultures that will attract and reatin the most diverse candidates.

Michelle holds a Masters in Human Rights from The University of Manchester.

Michelle is a regular contributor to numerous national business magazines and lives in Manchester, UK.


Michelle Gyimah

Social media profiles:


Speaking engagements to date include:

  • “How the UK is closing the gender pay gap” ~ European conference on equal pay, London
  • “Achieving balance in your life (what ever that means to you)”–  SpacePortX, Manchester
  • #PledgeMCR – International Womens’ Day “creating-inclusive-flexible-cultures”
  • EDI – Gender Equality Good Practice, Manchester
  • EDF – How managers actually manage flexible working

I deliver talks and training  on the following subjects:

Gender diversity in tech  With  so  much debate around why there are low numbers of women entering or staying in tech it can be easy to focus on the problem rather than solutions. I focus on providing employers with solutions to the trickiest problems they face when trying to attract and retain more women. Addresing the issues around recruitment practices and retention strategies are my main areas of focus as this where a lot of problems that tech employers face reside.

Gender Pay Gap The gender pay gap is never very far way from the headlines and understandably facing up to the problem can (and does) make employers very nervous. I believe that understanding your firms gender pay gap and the reasons behind it is not only not as scary as you think but in the long run is one of the best business investments you can make. As pay transparency is increasingly becoming more important (and in some instances the law) it pays to get to grips with it sooner rather than later.

Parental leave – Being an employer that can manage these issues in a responsible and professional way can be the difference between you being an employer of choice or one that loses talent and money year after year. Employers are starting to realise that mis-managing working parents is costing them thousands in lost revenue and talent and this is not a sustainable business model. I address the mindset required to address the root cause of the problems that may employers face and provide solutions that can minimise the brain drain that is happening up and down the country.

Creating flexible working cultures – Flexible working is the biggest staff benefit that most employees desire. The great thing about flexible working is the flexibility that it can bring your business. But in order for it to work for your business, you need to understand the reasons behind why you are doing it and feel confident in managing staff that work flexibly. I focus on on these positive aspects and equip employers with the advice and confidence they need to make it work for them.

Whatever you are looking for within my areas of expertise, I can customize my talk and training to suit what you are looking for.

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