About Us

Attracting and retaining women in tech requires a business culture shift


Michelle Gyimah is the Director of Equality Pays, a Tech Gender Equality Consultancy dedicated to helping technology firms create inclusive business cultures.

Why us?

We have over 8 years’ experience of working at the Equality and Human Rights Commission where we focused on helping employers understand how to implement equality law into practice. After 8 years advising both public and private sectors employers we decided that we wanted be more ‘hands on’ in helping firms improve gender diversity.

Who are we?

In June 2014, Equality Pays was established to help tech firms figure out what steps they need to take to to improve gender diversity. There is so much information out there on what the tech industry is doing wrong and what to do to rectify the situation. You have probably spent hours going from place to place, googling for answers and yearning for a solution to the problems you have. If this is you, then you have come to right place. We have the answers and solutions to the problems you face.

Equality Pays is a tech gender equality consultancy and we help tech firms big and small to take steps to improve their gender diversity. We do this by working with you to find your unique problem areas and develop bespoke strategies.  This can include training, strategy days, developing new policies, project work or providing one-to-one consultancy. We cut out all the noise of imformation overload and focus on unique business strategies designed just for yout firm.

Our mission

We understand the pressures of trying to improve gender diversity in tech as it is a hot topic right now. We also know that it can be overwhelming trying to take on a business goal like this and at times it can seem like an impossible task. This is why Equality Pays works with you to provide you with the support and expertise you require to get the results you are looking for.

We believe that co-operation and support not criticism is the only way for firms like yours to be able to make a difference. Yes, it can seem difficult but with the right support from Equality Pays, it is entirely possible for you to acheive more gender diversity in your tech firm.

Past clients

Equality Pays has had the privilige of working with a variety of tech firms and we’d love to include you too.

What next?

There are a number of ways that we work together to start  improving your gender diversity.

  1. Sign up to one of our free resources
  2. Book a free discovery call to get advice on a specific diversity issue
  3. Find out how to work with us