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” Simple ways to improve gender diversity in your tech firm.”


  • Are you a tech firm that has no or very few women?
  • Are you trying to actively recruit more women but are getting nowhere?
  • Do you struggle to retain the women in your firm post-maternity?
  • Do you have a general high turnover rate of women after a few years?
  • Are you still trying to figure why this is happening?

If you have answered yes to all or any of the above, then you are not alone. It is well known that the numbers of women in tech is low and that in the near future, the industry will face a skills shortage crisis if this is (amongst other things) is not addressed.

There are a number of reasons why these things could be happening to you and I can bet that you’ve tried all sorts of new things to try and fix the problem.  In the past you may have hired HR consultants, worked through diversity toolkits or even invested in training and diversity workshops and programmes. Yet even with all of this you are still no closer to your goal of hiring more women. After a while it can seem like an impossible task.

Despite this, you know that gender diversity is important to your business survival. You know that the ‘talent pipeline’ myth  isnt true and you know that gender diversity is a growing concern to people and would give you a competitive edge over others. But the goal still aludes you.

In my experience this is often down to one (or a combination) of a few things:

(1) Lack of buy-in from those in senior leadership positions

(2) Lack of professional support and accountability when implementing new changes

(3) Not enough importance attached to your existing business culture

(4) Poor business preparation planning for new female hires


So what do you do next?

Your business. My consultancy. 90 minutes. A clear blueprint. Better ROI in your gender diversity strategies.

We spend 90 minutes together (by phone or Zoom) to figure where you are going wrong in achieving your goal of increased gender diversity. As stated above, it could be for a number of reasons and sometimes you just need that outside professional opinion to get you to see where you are going wrong. We take a look at your current business strategies and find solutions that will help you reach your goal faster and help you stand out amongst your competitors.

My job is to make hiring and keeping more women in your tech firm an easy task rather than an impossible task. I want to help get you to the stage where you are well known for being a palce where women want to work, so that they come to you, rather you trying to seek them out. Sound good?

How does it all work?

  • You book your private call with me using my calender and complete the questionnaire that comes up with the booking slot.
  • I will review the answers you’ve given and prepare a few strategic ideas that I’ve used with past clients.
  • We have our call at the appointed time and together we will talk through your issues and we’ll formulate a blueprint of solutions you can start to implement.
  • During the call we will agree on ‘check-in’ dates where I’ll contact you to see how you are getting on with implementing your blueprint strategy.
  • The call will be recorded so you won’t have to worry about frantically taking notes as I’ll send you the recording afterwards.
  • After our call I will provide you with the blueprint of what we discussed so you can take it and get implementing straightaway.


What is your business investment?

Your business investment for your bespoke blueprint to improve gender diversity is £347.

So if you are ready to build a tech firm that is innovative and profitable without comprimising on the quality of tech staff, then make your investment today. Because if you don’t invest in your tech firm, then then your competitors will.

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