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We all know that the numbers of women that work in tech are low and the nubers of women who leave tech mid-career are high. As a tech firm you may be worried about this because you know that it means you have the double problem of not having enough female talent coming in your firm and too many women leaving after a few years. Year after year of this not only costs the industry thousands in lost revenue  but also  risks stifling creativity and innovation within the sector.

As more and more tech firms start to realise the importance of gender diversity in the industry it’s time to start focusing on practical steps to that firms can take to reverse the current trend. This is what Equality Pays does. We focus on finding the solutions to the problems and work on making your tech firm a tech firm of choice for upcoming female talent.


Free Business Assessment

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I offer regular free business assessments for tech firms that know what their problem is but are unsure what the solution is. During the assessment we get to the root cause and develop strategies you can put in place immediately. Book here..

Hiring women in tech webinar

4-effective-ways-to-hire-more-women-in-your-tech-firmWe all know that the lack of women in tech (actually doing tech) or in leadership positions is woefully low. We also know that VC’s are now taking a real interest in tech start-ups and established firms improving their  gender diversity to secure funding.

If you are a tech firm struggling to figure out how to improve your gender diversity, then feel free to view a replay of my recent webinar.

In this webinar replay I shared 4 strategies for you to take away and implement today to start to grow your own female talent-in-tech pipeline.

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“Michelle is passionate and knowledgeable about gender equality issues. She is always meticulous in her preparation, highly organised and calm in a crisis. You feel very safe with the work and projects in her hands! It was a pleasure working with Michelle and I highly recommend Michelle for any future opportunities.”

 Polly Williams, Head of Scientific Engagement at The Royal Society