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Need more social proof? I’m also a regular contributor to the following publications:           This Is What Some People Think about Me “Michelle is passionate and knowledgeable about gender equality issues. She is always meticulous in her preparation, highly organised and calm in a crisis. You feel very safe with the […]

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Let’s work together         See what a happy client (and others) has to say about Equality Pays: “Michelle has a passion for gender equality issues and is a highly conscientious and knowledgeable individual. She is an asset to any organisation that uses her services and I would highly recommend her. I look […]

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In the media Michelle Gyimah is a HR Consultant with over 10 years’ experience of working on equality issues in the workplace.   She worked for the Equality and Human Rights Commission for 8 years before going freelance in 2014. There she specialised in writing guidance for employers and delivering training seminars on equal pay […]

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Contacting Equality Pays is the best thing you can do when you’re not sure how to deal with family-friendly entitlements and you want to avoid costly tribunal mistakes. But don’t just take our word for it – see what our happy clients have to say about Equality Pays and founder Michelle Gyimah:   “I recommend […]

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Equality Pays

Enabling employers to manage working parents and create inclusive, flexible workplaces.

Why should we work with you and not just our HR person?

Maternity. Shared Parental Leave. Flexible Working. Otherwise known as ‘Family Friendly Entitlements’. This is what I specialise in. Creating bespoke policies that suit your business needs. I’ve over 10 years experience working with employers in helping them understand their responsibilities and make them their own. Eight of these years were spent at the Equality and Human Rights Commission.

I don’t have any women in my firm so I don’t need you right?

Wrong! If you don’t have any women in your firm, you need to ask yourself why not? Women make up 50% of the workforce so what are you doing that makes your workplace an unattractive option for women?
Also, you have men working for you! Family friendly policies involve men too! Shared parental leave is still very new, but it’s out there and as time goes on, your male staff will start asking for it. Mark my words.

So that said, I think they are two very good reasons why you start to take action rather than relying on those ‘reason’s as an excuse to do nothing.

What can you actually do for me that will save me money?
No-one likes to throw money away by making bad decisions or not protecting their investments. But by having poor family friendly polices or not looking after your staff during pregnancy and post- maternity you are doing exactly that.

 Just think, all those years of spending money on staff training and mentoring. They will count for nothing, if after maternity leave most of your staff leave due to poor or ineffective management. And the worst thing is, that it’ll cost you money to find a replace  AND your former staff member may go to your competitors!

I don’t believe in the inevitability that after maternity leave women don’t want to go back to their jobs. I believe that with good management and open communication there is always a way to allow them to stay and continue their career with whilst raising a family. This is where I make you savings. No need to hire new staff at the cost of £30k+. Yes, that’s how much it costs to take on new staff. Think about it…..

What exactly do I do?
I help employers not to make ‘panic’ decisions when it comes to managing pregnant staff and maternity returners. Employment law can be tricky to understand and naivigate and as result often common sense and positive midset go out the window.  I believe in the benefits of family friendly policies and want to help employers like you learn how to make them work for your business.
Why does any of this matter?
It matters because we are so busy telling girls and women that they can get the best education and work their up the career ladder to what ever position they want, but the reality is very different. It makes all those years of dreaming of career progression while working to get it, seem worthless.
Men lose out too as they find themsleves saddled in a 50’s style work environment when they may want to be able to spend more time raising their family. It’s no longer the ‘norm’ for men to be the chief earner, but yet it’s generally women that are penalised after having children. If they leave work due to discriminiation/mis-management then this not only affects their personal income but that of their wider community and eventually the UK economy.
The UK economy is losing out on £23 billion a year  in lost productivity and revenue due to pregnancy/maternity discrimination and mis-management in the workplace. That is  A LOT OF MONEY. Just think, as a business yourself, what your share of that yearly loss is. Then ask yourself, can you afford it? Year after year?
So who do I want to work with?
You, if you are still reading! But on a serious note, I want to work with SME’s that want to avoid the ‘trap’ of having their talented female staff leave after maternity.
I want to work with SME’s who recognise that it’s time to address the reasons why these women leave.
I want to work with SME’s who don’t see gender equality for men and women as lip service, but something to dig deep and take action on. This can be from something as simple as updating your parental policies to something as big as creating a more flexible workforce for everyone.
Feeling inspired to see how we can work together and start your business change?
Well, there are two things you can do:
1. Book an HR assessment for a very particular problem you have. In just 15 minutes I can give you practical steps to take towards solving your problem.
2. Book a discovery call to discuss in a bit more depth how I cna work with you on an ongoing project to help you bring the business change you are looking for.
Both are free, so what have you got to lose?


See what a happy client (and others) has to say about Equality Pays:

“Michelle is passionate and knowledgeable about gender equality issues. She is always meticulous in her preparation, highly organised and calm in a crisis. You feel very safe with the work and projects in her hands! It was a pleasure working with Michelle and I highly recommend Michelle for any future opportunities.”

 Polly Williams, Head of Scientific Engagement at The Royal Society



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